BEyond. Written by Teresa Iannotta - Esmé Valk


Written by Teresa Iannotta

Esmé Valk’s artistic practice involves many different layers of meaning, so that each artwork creates a whole environment rather than a piece to display. Her recent works investigate the subject of
 movement through different media, involving video and photography, and
 contextualizing it by the use of research materials as part of the 
exhibition display. The sources include the most diverse disciplines, and feed into an archive of knowledge that the artist is constantly improving, [just like bodies and objects in her works, which are all different but create in the end a fluid and natural movement] a
 process that mirrors the perpetual movement of the bodies and objects
in her works.

The attention is not only focused on movements of human bodies, but also on the relation between bodies and objects–more generally
 individuals and groups–relating to each other through movement. 
Entering her installations, and going through the subtle or overt changes the artist made to the space, the spectator finds himself as an active element of the social choreography shown in the works.

25 March 2009